Superior Straw Bedding reduces animal exposure to harmful dust and other pathogenic organisms improving animal health and comfort. Our processing allows us to extract dust after it is chopped. Superior Straw Bedding is healthy for animals who like to nibble on the clean roughage. If done properly and maintained well, straw bedding provides the animal with a physically and mentally comfortable environment. They can shuffle it around and create uneven surfaces, which provide mental stimulation and comfort. Superior Straw Bedding is easy on the animal’s anatomy as it stands and rests or lies down.


“Carbon is supplied by the bedding material (shavings and straw) and the fibrous portion of the manure. Nitrogen is found in both manure and urine. Nitrogen is “food” for the microbes. Too little nitrogen will slow the composting process. Too much nitrogen can increase odors because of the buildup of ammonia gas. ***Because most horse owners use wood shavings for bedding, the amount of nitrogen is usually limiting.*** The desired C:N range for composting is 25 to 40 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen.”

So, for BETTER composting the desired range is 25 to 40 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen

Average carbon to nitrogen ratios

Horse manure — 30:1
Straw — 80:1
Softwood shavings — 641:1
Hardwood shavings — 561:1


Superior Straw Bedding is the bedding of choice for poultry barns. In addition to being highly absorbent and fundamental for reducing ammonia, Superior Straw Bedding spreads well and evenly.  Superior Straw Bedding is increasingly being used as a means to improve biosecurity, reducing the risk of disease transmission on farms.


Superior Straw Bedding is great for the livestock transport industry. The dust-free bedding helps reduce the negative impact of dust on animals and employees. It is also a key component in maintaining biosecurity by helping to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Superior Straw Bedding makes the cleaning out of trailers easier and the chopped straw composts quickly making it easier to dispose of than wood shavings. Superior Straw Bedding provides a comfortable environment and is very absorbent ensuring your livestock arrives visibly healthier with less stress while being transported. Individually packed Superior Straw Bedding is easy to store until needed.

When hauling down the road to a show or event, Superior Straw Bedding provides deep soft cushion under foot, no dust in the trailer, and allows for good air quality during each trip. Easy clean up of both horse and trailer saves time and money.